MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — A company has come up with a creative way for people to donate Christmas gifts for those who may be in a tough spot financially, emotionally, and physically.

Paradise Spas in Minot is hosting a Christmas gift drive at the Dakota Square Mall. This time, though, the donation box is a bit different…. and by different, we mean it’s actually a hot tub.

“We do have a store set up in the mall, at Dakota Square, and out in front of that we are going to have one of our swim spas on display,” explains said Paradise Spas General Manager, James Baker. “What we are asking is that if you do feel like you want to make a donation, you can swing by, we’re trying to fill that tub up.”

The tub will be placed in front of their store in the mall, Paradise Spas is working together with three local non-profits. Donations gained from the spa’s efforts will be used to benefit Project Bee, the Domestic Violence center, and the Minot Men’s Winter Refuge.

“Everything in life is temporary, you’re down on your luck, you can turn that around and sometimes it’s just a little help, that’s all it takes,” added Baker.

Not everyone can celebrate Christmas the way they want to, so the organization is looking to help ease the stress of the Holiday season. Paradise Spas have been fortunate enough to be able to grow its business over the years, and for that, they want to give back to Minot.

“We’re experiencing blessings and we want to basically pay that forward. We want to use the platform that we have as far as a company to be able to reach out and ask for donations and toy collections,” stated Baker.

Whether it is clothes, toys, or money donations, Paradise Spas want the tub to be overflowing with gifts. If you are unsure of what to get or what you should donate, get in contact with the three organizations and ask what would best benefit them and the people they serve.