Well, North Dakota, we made it! The warm weather is finally here. If you’re looking for summer fun, there’s no shortage of activities.

We have a closer look at what the Minot Park District has lined up for the season.

Whether it’s live music at Oak Park Theater or competing to break the world record for the largest swimming lesson, Minot Park District has plenty for the entire family to enjoy.

All events are affordable with the goal of keeping everyone active.

“We want to make everything accessible to anyone in the community, so a lot of these events are free or pretty cheap. We try to gear some events towards children and others towards adults. Were also trying to develop those programs to reach every population in the community,” said Gerald Brown, special events coordinator for the Minot Parks District.

Registration is still available for youth summer athletic programs that start next week.

There are also lessons for tennis, golf, volleyball and more, all summer long.

Summer Olympics meets are held every Tuesday at Duane Carlson Stadium. Ages six through 14 compete in their age groups in running, jumping and throwing events.

There is even “yoga in the park” for adults to participate in.

“I like to see the smile on people’s faces when they are having a good time outside. I mean we waited a long time for the good weather this year, so just getting outside and getting kids and people active is always the most fun to see,” said Ann Nesheim, recreation manager for the Minot Park District.

The Minot Park District is hosting a Fourth of July Festival, and the ladies’ golf scramble at Souris Valley Golf Course.

Sunshine, Ice Cream and Books; Water Zumba; and Arts in the Park are just a few of many events scheduled in June.

“I think our role in the community is to help people access fun events and programs and whatnot. And increase that quality of life up here, especially during the summer months when we have an opportunity to be outside and enjoy the outdoors,” said Brown.

From aquatics to fitness and parks, Brown says he hopes their activities can help develop a greater passion for health and wellness, especially here in North Dakota.

Minot Park District has a Facebook page that lists all of its events.

There is even an app with details for all events and summer programs, which you can find below:

Apple version

Google version