MANDAN, N.D. (KXNET) — When we spoke with Rebecca Wanner and Jeff Erhardt in November of 2021, we learned about Wanner’s cancer battle and how her fiancé, Erhardt, and so many others were supporting her. We also learned about technology helping Wanner keep a majority of her hair during treatment. And now, we have an update on their journey.

It’s the sound of joy and relief.

“Yes! Yes! I rang that bell and I rang it.”

Wanner rang that bell just days ago, announcing to the world she is free of cancer. That moment came after months of trips, meeting with doctors and undergoing treatment for the rare cancer Squamous Cell Carcinoma Triple Negative.

“Since my diagnosis in the middle of June, I have been at a medical facility somewhere every week, at least once if not multiple times a week,” Wanner said. But just like in November, you’d be hard-pressed to tell by looking at her that Wanner had cancer.

She said a lot of it has to do with Scalp Cooling from Paxman, a technology consisting of a cap, cooling the scalp’s temperature before, during and after a chemo treatment.

“Being able to do scalp-cooling gave me…it’s almost like an empowering way of taking control of what I could take control of. I am very thankful; it was successful for me. That is why I went to [Sanford] Roger Maris [Cancer Center] in Fargo where they offer the treatment in order to do this,” Wanner said.

Erhardt has been right alongside her. He said he wanted to stay strong to make sure Wanner could stay as strong as possible.

“I guess for me, what I tried to do is be that candle. Maybe she can’t see it and it’s the hardest thing in the world for me to hold it up and that might be the only thing we got is just that little light that day. We can’t focus on what we’re going to do at noon if we can’t get out of bed that morning,” Erhardt said.

Erhardt and Wanner are in a unique situation, in that both of them work from home and both are radio personalities. As far as an outlet, Wanner said, ironically, it came by way of work.

“Ah! I learned that it felt good to get back on the microphone, to be able to tell these people these stories of ‘Guess what? Sorry, my voice sounds a little rough. I just spent 12 straight days in the hospital. But guess what? I’m back at it. I’m not giving up,” Wanner said.

Getting support from people all over the world has also helped. As far as what she’s learned through this experience, Wanner said it’s about being your own advocate and making sure you have a good support system.

“I encourage everybody if you’re able to find that somebody that you can trust to let them in because they do want to help you. And for Jeff, for example, I can’t imagine having done this journey without him,” Wanner said.

As far as what the future holds, Wanner said she’s going to keep living life to the fullest. She said she’ll also have to keep checking in with her doctors every couple of months.