BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Bismarck’s post office has been moving a bit slow lately — and most of that is due to the shortage of employees. Early Wednesday, we spoke with some people who voiced their concerns.

“At our home, it gets delivered at various times. From morning to late at night, and sometimes we’re wondering if it is actually going to come at all,” said Rodger Wetzel.

Twice in June, KX reached out to USPS Corporate Communications Department for comment. The postal service denied having any problems and declined our interview request.

We also reached out to the Bismarck People Reporting News Facebook page about the issue, and received more than 100 comments.

Some comments read that sometimes packages go missing altogether and they believe that it’s an issue of inadequate training or lack of care from the post office employees. Some people said it took many days or even weeks to get their package. And even though a complaint is made, they say there’s nothing done about the problem.

“I like to order things. I have had the tendency to have to call the place and find out when it’s going to be delivered and they’ll say ‘Well, I’ve sent it umpteen days ago and you’re just going to have to wait on the mail,'” Marilyn Bender said.

Bender added she wishes the post office was still open in the evenings when it was more convenient for her to go, but she’s thankful for the employees that are hard at work.

According to one employee, the William L. Guy Federal Building’s Post Office only has five people working.