Paul Broste Rock Museum is a must-see in Parshall

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One man’s rock collection led to a museum in Parshall that’s brought in visitors from across the country. The Paul Broste Rock Museum displays the rocks for everyone to enjoy.

Paul Broste was a farmer who moved to Parshall when he was 29. His rock obsession started when he was just a kid. Curator Doris Jacobson shares a story about Broste and his mom.

“She could never keep pockets in his pants because they were always full of rocks,” said Doris Jacobson, curator.

The entire building is made of them, all found within a 20-mile radius of Parshall. But what you see on the outside, is nothing like you’d expect on the inside…Rocks and gems from all over the world fill the glass cases and shelves.

“It’s surprising to see all these colorful rocks around. Compared to the outside it’s just blah I guess,” said Taylor Brugh.

And this isn’t her first time at the museum. She always seems to find something new each time she visits, but she still has a favorite…

“I’ve always liked going in and seeing the rocks that glow. You don’t just see that anywhere,” Brugh said.

The room has infrared and black lights to show the different types. The infinity room though is unlike anything else in the world–literally.

“Probably the infinity room. Seeing the big rock tree from every angle. No stop and no beginning” said Jesse Clauson.

Clauson just graduated from Parshall High School, but this is his first time.
He was always either sick or busy at school… and he says it was well worth the wait.

“Just mind-blowing how many rocks there actually are and the value of so many of these rocks. There are rocks that I’ve even never known about in my whole entire life,” said Clauson.

It opens May first and closes at the end of September. You can stop by Wednesday through Saturday from 12 to 4 pm. But, if you find yourself in Parshall earlier in the week, Jacobson says she’ll give a tour if you call ahead.

Broste enjoyed rocks so much he never had any children. So, the rocks were his kids.

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