People are learning better ways to meal prep while attending classes at the Bisman Community Food Co-Op which offers free cooking classes to the community.

Farmer Lori Martin and Chef Jessica Weisz are sharing tips for proper nutrition seekers.

“A lot of people grow the same types of things in their gardens here and sometimes they just do the same thing to preserve them every year. I wanted to talk with them about some alternative ways that you can preserve your harvest so that it can last until wintertime and you can continue to eat those good vegetables,” says Martin.

This is why Lily Venable is one of the participants who cook often and is hoping to learn something different.

“I spend all day in the kitchen. I have a 10-month-old so breakfast, lunch, dinner, and then snacks in between,” says Venable.

Martin shared tips on how you can preserve vegetables and fruits when drying, hydrating, and even freezing them. This is something Venable says can make a difference.

“Sometimes you put things in the freezer and you don’t know if it’s going to turn out right and she has all the good knowledge,” says Venable.

Chef Weisz says preparing for meals of your own does the body good and often has a richer taste.

“Getting back to cooking those meals, not from those boxes, not necessarily those extreme processed Items. Getting that activity of chopping and the love and enthusiasm of what tasty food really can be,” says Weisz.

She taught a class about preparing Mediterranean pizza and all the proper ingredients needed which includes vegetables.

“Olives, spinach, green onions, mushrooms fresh mushrooms,” Weisz added.

Classes for cooking are offered frequently at the Co-Op to learn more: click here