People Wanting Out of Their Car Lease Becoming a Trend

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According to the department of labor, just two weeks ago, more than 6-million initial unemployment claims were filed, forcing people to struggle with bills and leaving a noticeable mark on national car leasing company, Swapalease.

“What we’ve seen here over the last three, three and a half weeks, is we have seen a 66% spike in those individuals noting that financial reasons are the reasons they’re visiting Swapalease to learn more about exiting their lease early,” Executive Vice President of Swapalease Scot Hall said.

Hall told KX News vehicles were the first to go on peoples list because the lack in need to drive with covid-19 and it’s untimely end.

“They are doing what they can do to help their credit in case things get really bad or last a longer duration than what it appears it may at this point.” he said.

One auto-detailer says he’s taken a punch from all this

“Right when the first case of the covid-virus hit in the United States, we just bombed out, and it’s a lot of people just afraid of going out,” owner of Morgans Detailing Zoda Morgan said.

Hall emphasized that if you do want out of your lease, that you do it correctly, by finding an eligible buyer, running a credit check, and doing a little research with an acredited leasing company.

“If anybody has any interest about leasing or lease transferring, we do have a lot of great content on our site. It has taken us years to put together and we’re full of experts,” Hall said.

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