BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Independence Day has once again come to the states, and with it, plenty of festivals and fireworks. It’s also a time to show just how proud one is to be an American and to celebrate being together with friends, food and family. And nowhere is this clear in North Dakota than in the time-honored tradition of the Mandan Independence Day Parade.

The parade has taken place every year since 1881 — eight years before North Dakota was even acknowledged as a U.S state. And now, over 140 years later, the tradition has continued, standing the test of time and allowing the community to come together in a celebration of both North Dakota and the United States itself.

Beginning at 10:00 a.m., the parade floats departed from Dacotah Centennial Park, and followed a route downtown from Memorial Highway at the 24th Avenue intersection to Main Street, and continuing on from Main Street west to 10th Avenue Northwest. With over 100 floats on display, the program featured over two hours of entertainment from many of North Dakota’s most well-known businesses.

One major testament to the popularity of the parade is its parking situation. Despite arriving an hour prior to the start of the parade, the entire street was full of guests eagerly awaiting the festivities. The nearby restaurants that were open also experienced a rush of business, as plenty of guests sought out cold drinks to beat the heat before the party.

Of course, with a float in the parade and live coverage from the station, it only stands to reason that KX would be able to take their fair share of pictures as well. Our digital correspondent was able to take plenty of photographs showcasing the highlights of the 4th of July spectacular.

While there weren’t any fireworks at this morning event, rest assured that there were plenty of explosions to light up the night sky in the area later on. The Mandan Rodeo’s fireworks show, in particular, would serve as an excellent way to cap off a country-style celebration of American Independence.

The parade will also return in 2023, although no information regarding registration is available yet. For more about the history of the parade, floats featured in 2022, and the rules and regulations behind admission, visit the official website of the Mandan Independence Day Parade.