On August 18, KX’s own Michael Cartwright took a break from hosting Studio 701 to perform a live concert at General Sibley Park. This concert was the third and final in a series provided by the Dakota West Arts Council — Songs at Sibley, which has previously featured the likes of Wildly Appropriate and the McMahon Brothers.

General Sibley Park itself is a large venue, with plenty of parking (either in small lots or along the streets). While the concert took place near the park’s outdoor stage, there’s plenty more available in the park that wasn’t used, including a full disc golf course, campsites for both RVs and tents, picnic shelters, and playgrounds.

Although there was no seating in the park, guests brought their own towels, chairs, and picnic lunches to enjoy the evening in style. With soda and beer from Laughing Sun Brewery available on-site, attendees could also celebrate the concert with a good craft brew.

Our correspondent actually visited the Brew at the Zoo event earlier in the day, so he would say that he had his fill of craft brew… but he had to drive to and from both events, so had to pass.

Michael didn’t come to the concert alone, however: the performance was actually a duet. In partnership with the DWAC, musician Cydney McQuillan-Grace and pianist Brian Zeimmiak joined Cartwright on stage for the evening of songs that prove that in many cases, two (or three) heads are better than one.

Over 100 guests were present at the park during the concert, which took place from 7-9 p.m. During the event, Cartwright and Cydney, with aid from Brian on piano, led the audience on a tour of famous duets from the history of music, ranging from old classics to modern melodies from the likes of Lionel Ritchie. Diana Ross, Marvin Gae, Lady A, and more (some examples include “Ain’t no Mountain High Enough” and “Need You Now”). The duo even tried their hand at legendary pieces for two from the stage and screen, including numbers from Disney’s Aladdin and the Broadway rendition of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’.

The concert was a rousing success, with droves of people giving both the singers and pianist a standing ovation. After the show’s conclusion, the trio stayed around a bit to sign posters, take photographs, and collect tips from the crowd. The Arts Council hopes that with donations and assistance from North Dakota’s patrons of the arts, they’ll be able to put on more performances with musicians from both across the states and right here in North Dakota.

Left to Right: Brian Zeimmiak, Cydney McQuillan-Grace, and Michael Cartwright pose for a group photo after their Sibley Park concert.

Information about more events taking place at General Sibley Park is available on the park’s page on bisparks.org.