BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — What began as one parent reaching out to a long-time dancer and choreographer in North Dakota, has now grown into a full-blown dance studio in Bismarck with about 40 kids involved.

Studio 180 is a new dance studio in Bismarck, and they offer lyrical, ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, and competition lessons.

The dance studio is a non-profit organization, and the owners say it’s the only one in the area.

“Studio 180 Dance Company was created for dancers three to 18 to help learn life skills through dance especially those that are struggling a little bit more. We just want them to find their passion for dance and call this place kind of like home,” said TaLena Horner, the artistic executive director at Studio 180.

With only three instructors and three studios, Studio 180 needs more funds to keep its doors open for the dancers. So, I’m sure you’re wondering, what do plies and pizza have in common?

The Pizza Ranch hosts new non-profits every month with their Community Impact Fundraising event.

So, Monday the dancers ditched the studio to help fundraise for their non-profit and helped out at the Pizza Ranch.

“You get 10% of everyone’s receipts, and we give you a flyer to hand out four weeks prior to that event and then they get 20% if they bring that flyer in. They’re our guest attendants for the night and then they clean up our store at the end of the night, too,” said Amanda Davidson, the supervisor and community impact leader at Pizza Ranch.

It seems to be a win, win situation for both the Pizza Ranch and the non-profit of choice.

Not only are they both making money for a good cause, but they’re also showing their faces to the public and learning how to fundraise for a good cause.

“The fact that we have them work the community gets to meet them and actually see what their money is going towards. Just seeing the people, it’s more of an interaction and I like that better,” said Davidson.

Studio 180 is hoping to keep expanding its studio and get more sponsors and instructors.

Horner says that she thinks having a non-profit dance studio in the area is important for those who may not have the money to learn dance. She also says that dance is an important skill because it helps people learn to communicate better and to be able to take criticism.

Their fundraising efforts, it’s the only way they are able to keep their doors open.

“I feel like it’s important to keep our doors open to give any type of dancers with any type of income level with the opportunity to dance and to experience life skills that you will use for a long term,” said Horner.

If you were unable to catch the dancers at the ranch Monday night, Studio 180 is always accepting donations and sponsors to help their non-profit.

Studio 180 said thank you to their current champion sponsors, Hall Trucking Inc., Revive Nutrition, and Alchemist Tattoo LLC.