MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Many people look forward to the massive firework displays as they light up the sky for the Fourth of July. But do you know what it takes to make the shows happen?

KX News took a behind-the-scenes look at the annual firework display in the Magic City.

Every Fourth of July for the past 10 years, the Minot Fireworks Association and Mum Pyrotechnics display team put on the Independence Day firework display at the State Fair Grounds.

When the sun sets, music blares with choreographed ground-level pyrotechnics shooting into the air.

And above, fireworks explode in celebration of America.

“I’ve loved fireworks since I was a kid. And as I got into being an adult and I moved down into the country, I started doing my own little shows. And got in with a small group and they were all just as passionate,” said Derrick Miller, owner and operator of Mum Pyrotechnics.

The choreographed formation of music and explosions take months to plan.

Volunteers spend hours planning, setting up the show and even making the fireworks.

“We start working on preparation for that in April, as soon the snow is kind of cleared out. We start harvesting local trees and turning that into charcoal and then we start mixing compositions and making all the star’s black powder and all the different components that go into the actual display. We will start picking out songs months in advance. Kind of figuring out what we want to do for choreography and new special effects,” said Miller.

There are stations of tubes that shells are dropped into.

Each shell has a wire that attaches to a wiring box at every station, that then connects to the master control firing system.

Over 1,500 shells are set off into the sky for the evening’s event.

Miller said, “The show tonight is going to be, I think there are about twenty-three to twenty-four minutes of actual live fire going on. So, were at 1,500 hours, is what was invested just in total manpower it takes to put this on.”

Miller added that he and his team are passionate about the display and hope to continue the tradition of lighting up the sky for the community and America in Minot for years to come.

The firework display will begin around 10:45 p.m. at the State Fairgrounds.

The show can be viewed from the parking lot or the grandstand at no charge.

The East parking lot will be closed but all others will be open.

To listen to the choreographed music from your car, tune into 90.1 FM.