The state is working on a plan that would allow four-year-olds to get a head start on their education.

“Ninety-five percent of your brain wiring is formed by the age of five; that is what allows if you have quality early childhood experiences; you can be successful in kindergarten and on,” ND Department of Human Services Exec Director Chris Jones said.

North Dakota’s Kindergarten through 12 ranks eighth as the best public school in the nation. Last year, House Bill 1416 passed which includes a new four-year-old program and the approval for the North Dakota early childhood council.

“How do you make it more affordable in strategies for that, how do we continue to build out our best in class for Pre-K program adding more dollars so that we can support more classrooms opening up across the state,” Jones said.

Jones said for years the trend has been where one parent would work and then one parent would stay at home and teach the child.

“We know one of the reasons for the low workforce participation is a lot of people haven’t gone back to work or they can’t find quality, affordable, accessible childcare,” Jones said.