MINOT — You may want to think twice before leaving your plastic water bottles in the car.

In today’s Your Health First, a study from Arizona State University says that leaving your water bottle in your car for too long with just little exposure to heat and later drinking from it could cause breast cancer.

The reason — a chemical reaction happens when the plastic bottle is heated. One local doctor said to err on the side of caution.

“There is no definitive research that says, ‘yes this is the case,’ however, don’t leave your plastic water bottles in the car, it’s that simple. If they do get a little overheated the water could start to taste different and that might be a personal thing for me, but I just don’t leave plastic water bottles in the car anymore,” said Dr. Fariha Saleem.

Dr. Saleem stressed to get your cancer screenings, regardless if you feel symptoms or not.