Poodie the cat has disappeared – is he on the road again? ‘Willie’ be found?

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On July 26th Poodie escaped from his owners’ camper in Minot and they haven’t seen him since.  He is orange and around 8 years old, a neutered male …weighs 17 pounds – which is why his full name is actually Poodie Two Cats.  He wears a blue reflective collar and a rabies tag from the Rugby Vet Clinic.

Susan Marchus and her family were at the North Dakota State Fair every day that week, staying in their camper in the parking lot.  They take up 9 spots with friends and family and usually have a really good time. 

Poodie has been to the NDSF several times before and is a good camper.  He’s also a very good traveler and goes with them and their dogs when they travel to Spicewood, TX, for the winters.  

“We stayed through Sunday night when most people were leaving,” said Susan. “Stayed the whole day on Monday too, hoping we could find him or he’d come back to our camper.  I’ve called lots of places and have been to Minot twice to search.  Wish we didn’t live 90 miles away.”  

Truth be told, Poodie has a little celebrity to him… He was adopted from Susie Nelson (Willie Nelson’s daughter) in Spicewood about 6 years ago.  She has rescued and rehomed thousands of cats and dogs. 

Poodie got his name from the long-time road manager of Willie Nelson. 

Susan asks, “With our traveling and bringing him to ND from TX, why does he go missing now?”

Poodie loves having his tummy scratched and when his tummy is scratched, he would grab ahold of his back leg, extend his claws, pull the paw up to his face and scratch his face.

He loves to lay across your arm… or at least put his paws around your arm, hand, or fingers.  He sleeps most of the night like that.  He would even sleep with the family dog, Allie.

Poodie didn’t always wear a collar.  One day, Susan decided to put it on him and he seemed to like it.  It didn’t bother him when she added the rabies tag either. 

“It was like he was very important now,” said Susan. “Like see, they love me and want to keep me.  I’m hoping that collar and tag will save him and bring him back to us.”

Susan pleads, “Please keep your eyes open for him.  He’s posted on Save the Roof Kitty!  Lost and Found Pets and Minot Lost Pets.  A reward is offered for his safe return.  He is sorely missed!”

If you see Poodie, contact Susan at 701-771-2546.

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