Renovations are all set to revamp a popular area in downtown Mandan.

There has been a lot going on since the city of Mandan started using the Main Street initiative, established by Gov. Doug Burgum.

Now, the city is looking to invest in renovations to the Mandan Morton Public Library and Dykshoorn Park.

“So we got $3 million grant from Energy Transfer. We’re also looking at, we have a visitors fund that has some funds available to be used for this project, and we also have the Mandan Supplemental Environmental Projects trust,” shared Jim Neubauer, city administrator for Mandan.

The project will be done in three phases beginning with an addition to the library. This will add offices for workers, more space for books and an expansion to the visitor’s area. Also included will be a garage to keep the bookmobile on site.

“We currently have a lot of problems here in the existing building or a lot of issues. And so this is pretty much going to address all of those issues that we have. Also, the design is definitely future-focused and so as the community grows, the library may need to go as in the future,” said Jackie Hawes, the Mandan Morton Public Library Director.

Right next to the library sits Dykshoorn Park and it will have a list of improvements made to it as well.

“Within Dykshoorn Park, we would like to make that entire greenspace a little more user-friendly, 365 days a year. Folks will be able to use it in the wintertime. What kind of things, what kind of activities could be planned for wintertime activities. It’s being utilized great in the summertime for our big events,” shared Neubauer.

It will also include a new pathway weaving through the green space instead of going around the area. A splash pad, a performing arts area and a green turf area that can be transformed into an ice rink in the winter.

All these improvements to the park go hand in hand with the libraries.

“So it’s pretty exciting because we already use Dykshoorn Park a lot for our programming. Sometimes, especially in the summer, like I was saying, currently we had those space constraints so if we spill out into the park we could accommodate a larger group. So we do that a lot,” shared Hawes.

The three-phase project along Main Street may take a few years before it’s finally completed. The city hopes to start Phase One of the project as soon as this Spring.