DICKINSON, N.D. (KXNET) — Fall harvest is here, but some dangerous weeds have been spotted in our area that can pose a problem.

Two palmer amaranth plants, which are native to the southwestern U.S., were confirmed near a road, south of Dickinson in Stark County.

The plant is a noxious weed, and it’s known to grow aggressively, about two to three inches per day. It can grow between six and 10 feet tall. Their seeds can spread fast, and they are very difficult to kill.

Tyler Kralicek, Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources for NDSU said, “If it’s a palmer plant, make sure you get a picture. Don’t just try to remove it yourself for the sake of potential spread. We got to make sure we are getting rid of that plant correctly to make sure we don’t increase the spread.”

According to Purdue University, these weeds have been known to shut down farms.

If you need a directory of which plants to look out for in our area, and who to contact, click here.