An adaptive sports program that came to life with just one sport five years ago has brought on just about every sport you can think of and has expanded with a whole new chapter.

Krystal Butgereit has been a board member of Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports since its inception in 2016.

As the occupational therapist of Prairie Grit’s first athlete, she’s seen first-hand how beneficial adaptive sports can be to kids of all ages and adults.

Prairie Grit Therapy has always been an idea and last March it finally came to fruition.

Butgereit, occupational therapist and Executive Director of Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports said, “we want to help kids reach their full potential and be able to reach all of their goals.”

One of those kids is six-year-old Olive.

When she was just days old, doctors told her parents she may never walk or talk.

“She was diagnosed with a brain injury three days after she was born and she also had a blood clot in her arm, so she had some issues with that and an open wound on her arm,” Olive’s mom, BreeAnna Ritter explained.

Krystal has been working with Olive since she was a baby, and since Krystal is the founding occupational therapist at Prairie Grit Therapy, Olive’s transition to the new facility was seamless.

“Krystal’s more of a friend to her than anything,” Ritter said. “So she [Olive] is not scared to come here, she definitely loves it. It gives her the confidence to go outside and play at recess and be with her friends without question.”

The pediatric therapy center began with just Krystal but has since welcomed another OT and a physical therapist.

“It’s pretty amazing to see the first time a kid is able to tie their shoes or they master potty training or climb to the top of the rock wall, to know that you played a small piece of that is pretty fun,” she said.

Like Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports has grown over the years – that’s what it’s looking like for Prairie Grit Therapy, too.

Twenty-five children seek occupational or physical therapy services there and Butgereit says they’d like to bring on speech-language therapy and mental health counseling.

A unique aspect of Prairie Grit Therapy is that it’s located within the Minot Family YMCA, so they are able to utilize the entire facility.

A big help in bringing Prairie Grit Therapy to life was a generous donation from the Hess corporation that covered the start-up costs.

To learn if this is the place for your child, call 701-838-1080.