BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) — What do you call a place with nearly 30,000 job openings waiting to be filled? Apparently, that’s North Dakota, according to our state government.

This workforce problem is nothing new, but there are solutions to try and fix it. And here in Bismarck, the answer lies with our kids.

Today, high school students in the area came to Bismarck State College to practice their interview skills. The Central Dakota Human Resource Association set up mock interviews to help the next generation get ready for their careers.

Students at the event say they enjoyed the experience and look forward to entering the North Dakota job market. The students tell KX News they found the event very helpful.

“Just to get you ready for real-life interviews. They take you through scenario questions, for both of them. For both interviews you do. They usually ask you situational ones like, ‘How would you do this, how would you do that, how would you handle these situations?'” says Kodee Peterson, a student at Legacy High School.

Central Dakota Human Resource Association, an affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management, is made up of individuals from both the public and private employment sectors. Here in Bismarck, our local universities and businesses volunteered their time to help these young people gain the confidence they need to enter the workforce. The opportunity teaches students how to best navigate their careers, from their resume and beyond.

“It’s an opportunity for students to practice their professional skills through mock interviews. I always try to remind students that this is practice, in hopes that it helps for the full job interview that they have someday,” says Kasey Janz, Career Advisor for Bismarck Public Schools.

The Central Dakota Human Resource Association has programs for all ages, throughout the year.
And there are scholarships available for students as well.