Presidential Prognosticators: Mandan dog predicts the next president using photos and treats

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Note: As we close in on the Nov. 3 general election, we decided to find a lighter side to what has been an arduous campaign season. Every year, there are stories about how this or that method has been correctly predicting the presidential winner for so many years. We decided to compile our own list of methods to predict the next president and share them with you. We make no claims as to the accuracy or validity of these systems — we just present these “Presidential Prognosticators” for your enjoyment.

Today, we offer a 14-year-old Mandan Morkie named Gidget who has made her prediction for who will win the 2020 presidential election.

Gidget, a 14-year-old cross between a Maltese and a Yorkie

She has lived through three previous presidential elections and is 2 for 3 in picking who will inhabit the Oval Office. (2008 correctly picked Barack Obama; 2012 incorrectly picked Mitt Romney; 2012 correctly picked Donald Trump).

Her selection process works like this: Two photos of the presidential contenders are placed on the floor. At the bottom of each photo is a dog treat of equal size on each photo. Gidget is then lined up four feet away toward the center of the photos and then released.

The photo with the treat she first takes is declared the winner of the upcoming election.

After wandering off to the right this year, she circled back and chosen the treat on the Joe Biden photo, meaning Gidget predicts Biden will win the White House on Nov. 3.

Cumulative Prediction Score: Trump: 1, Biden: 1

On Wednesday, we started the Presidential Prognosticator with the tried and true method of picking the next president: Flipping a coin.

There are many websites where you can virtually flip a coin online as many times as you wish for an outcome.

Statistically, the outcome of either heads or tails is a 50/50 proposition, so we wanted to flip a number of times to come up with results that would trend in one direction. Coin flip outcomes can sometimes group together in “clumps” over the course of many flips but, in the long run, they will eventually even out toward the 50/50 mark.

We selected StatCrunch as our flipping site, mainly because it would allow us to flip a coin thousands of times to generate our winner. We made Donald Trump “heads” and Joe Biden “tails” and we flipped the U.S. quarter 5,000 times.

The outcome for that run? The coin came up “heads” 2,531 times and tails 2,469 times.

Based on the coin flip outcomes, Donald Trump will retain the White House on November 3.

Cumulative Prediction Score: Trump: 1, Biden: 0

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