A home may appear to be ok, but the rooftop covered in snow will cause issues if not removed. As snow continues to fall, ice dams can create and cause damage to homes.

“We’re probably going to be getting into it in the next couple of weeks,” said Chad Leier.

Chad Leier is an owner of Arrow Service Team and explains how melting snow reaching the edge of the roof can freeze, resulting in ice dams which can cause leaking inside the home.

“The ice expands and blows across the corners; they start to leak. You get the dripping and things like that. It can back up underneath the shingles and get all the way under your house and you can have a drip in your windows,” said Chad Leier.

Raking the snow away from the edge of the home lessens the chances for a dam buildup. Chad Leier says, when you don’t have your gutters cleaned out, there can be even bigger problems.

“You’re going to get that ice stacking up,” said Chad Leier.

Many homes in the state have been damaged due to ice dams.

“Multiple rooms inside a home dropped down onto the ground, cabinets falling off from the walls, the moisture passing through the building,” said Tyler Leier, Arrow Service Team general manager.

Chad Leier’s company has cleared roughly 75 homes of snow in recent years.

“Those jobs can linger anywhere from a couple of days to even a month,” said Chad Leier.

Damage such as drywalls collapsing to peeling paint can result from the ice dams.

“If you see this happening, you should probably call a professional and have them do an assessment to see what’s going on,” said Chad Leier.

Ice dams can also come from improper home insulation resulting in heat escaping through the roof of a home.

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