First off, these are not actual Burleigh County property tax bills. They are estimates of what your county property tax bill would look like if the county’s proposed budget were enacted without any changes.

Ahead of public hearings in September on the county’s proposed budget, 36,000 estimated tax bills are being sent to Burleigh County residents so they can be informed of what impact the county’s proposed budget would have on them.

At the bottom of the estimated property tax bill is a list of the dates and times Burleigh County has scheduled for public hearings on the budget. Each hearing covers a specific district’s budget request:

  • September 12: Bismarck Schools
  • September 13: City of Bismarck
  • September 15: Bismarck Parks
  • September 21: Burleigh County
  • October 5: Soil Conservation District
  • October 6: Garrison Diversion District

Burleigh County residents will have a chance at the meetings to express their opinions on the proposed budgets.

You can download and read a copy of each district’s budget starting seven days prior to that district’s hearing.