MANDAN, N.D. (KXNET) — For many in our area who have German ancestry, their heritage is a part of their everyday lives, but the month of October is a special time when they can come and celebrate that heritage together.

KX News has more from the Mandan Senior Center‘s Oktoberfest.

“I wish everybody a good day, happy sauerkraut day,” said Oktoberfest attendee Gerald Morman.

“German food? That’s me. And sauerkraut, I know sauerkraut’s not everybody’s, but sauerkraut. And cheese buttons? Yeah,” said volunteer Deb Kaiser.

And there were plenty of sauerkraut and cheese buttons for all at the Oktoberfest celebration.

“I’ve had my meals here every noon for the past eight years, and this is just a terrific place to come enjoy your meal,” remarked Morman. “And today, being cheese button day, Oktoberfest day, this is something a little extra — and having been around the world, this rates right up there at the top.”

“And of course, the music. I can walk around the whole thing, I’m not a dancer but I’ve got the beat,” added Kaiser.

The senior center is sharing the Oktoberfest love too, with many meals delivered to homes around the area.

“We have about 120 home-delivered meals that go out,” shared activities coordinator Billie Yantzer. “We have meals that go down to Library Square, and we have meals that go to New Salem.”

For many, the senior center and the programs it hosts are a great opportunity to socialize.

“Otherwise, I’d be sitting at home, on my couch, crocheting or embroidering — this way, I’m interacting with people,” said Kaiser.

The Mandan Senior Center is powered by volunteers, and that’s what they’re looking for to help events such as Oktoberfest continue for years to come.

“Our volunteers are the elderly, and they’re getting elderly. And we need us younger kids to come in here and step in,” said Kaiser.

Volunteers say visiting or helping out at the senior center is an opportunity to have some fun with some old friends or make some new ones.

You might even get some sauerkraut or a cheese button, too.

If you’d like to visit or volunteer at the Mandan Senior Center, find out more on their Facebook page here.