KX News (Bismarck) —There is an order of operations when it comes to plowing the streets of the Capital City.

“State Street, Expressway, Century, all the roads that are traveled the most were done first, and then our secondary and then we moved into residential,” Bismarck Public Works crew leader Chad Schiermeister said.

Many may see the snowfall as an exciting opportunity to participate in fun winter activities, but for Public Works crews, they’re tasked with clearing roads and making them safe for travelers.

“We had to plow all over again because of the blowing snow, it’s just drifting in areas, and we’ve got to get them off the street,” Schiermeister said.

Todd Timm is an equipment operator and has been with Bismarck Public Works for more than 20 years.

“You get used to it after a while. I’ve been here a long time. It’s just second nature to plow snow. I like to plow snow, it makes me feel like I’m getting something done,” Timm said.

Timm said no matter how difficult it may be, he will get the job done.

“It’s a little tough this time. We got a lot of wind late early this morning and it blew everything back in that we plowed, and we just keep plowing the roads over and over to just keep the roads open for emergency vehicles and for people to get around.”

That’s not the only challenge crews are left with.

Snow being pushed into roads from attempted neighborhood or residential clean-ups results in more snow having to be removed later on.

“If the citizens wouldn’t blow the snow back into the street, if they moved their cars out of the street, it would be very helpful, and we probably would get done a lot quicker,” Schiermeister said.

So much snow fell on the ground it interrupted traveling from Bismarck to Fargo, shutting down I-94 because of low visibility, compacted ice, and snowdrifts.

“The storm’s kind of progressive, moving west to east across the state over the last 12 hours. The roads started to shut down later last evening and into this morning,” NDDOT Public Information Specialist Matt Walstad said.

NDDOT crews are also working to make the highway safe to travel again.

“The roads are going to remain closed until the weather starts to calm down and we can get them open to a safer level,” Walstad added.