A band with North Dakota roots recently had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to appear on Simon Cowell’s new musical game show, Walk the Line.

“What was kind of crazy is that was our first proper performance in 18 months,” lead-singer Mark Race said.

Two of the three musicians (Joe Berger and Mat Charley) in the British-American trio are from North Dakota and have been in the U.K. since September, which was the first time the band was able to reunite in a year and a half.

Selected as one of 25 acts, Raynes took the stage to be judged by a celebrity panel and the audience.

Walk the Line debuted on ITV in the U.K. this week, where Raynes performed an original song.

“The fact that we got the reaction that we did, the whole crowd was singing the chorus after a while, clapping, the celebrity panel gave us unbelievably good comments,” Race said.

“Being able to be with Mark and do as well as we wanted to,” Charley said, “I don’t think that performance could have gone any better. We’re very proud of it and think we did great, so.”

Walk the Line is more than just the performance, there’s a bit of a game-show aspect as well.

The finale is scheduled to air Friday but here in North Dakota, we can keep up with it online.