KX News hit the road on Friday for the fourth part of our Summer Road Trip — to Esmond!

Nicholas Quallich, Becky Farr, Tom Schrader and Adeena Balthazor made the drive for the 5 and 6 p.m. newscasts to bring you the news live on location.

And just in case you missed it, here’s a recap of the stories we’ve shared from Esmond:

Visiting a town staple, the Esmond Café

One of the staple stops in the town is the Esmond Café, and it’s been there since the town’s inception.

Manager Diane Streifel said this café is more than just a place to grab a coffee and a bite to eat, it’s always been the heart of the town.

“It is so nice because this has been the hub of the community,” Streifel said. “People come from all over, they have breakfast, sometimes they stay for lunch, they just keep coming back so people really enjoy it. It is a good feeling.”

Streifel and her entire family have worked at the café at one point in their lives. She said they do everything from serving the daily meals to even catering weddings.

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All-volunteer team make up Esmond’s Quick Response Unit

Imagine living in an area where the closest ambulance service is 40 minutes away. That’s what the people of Esmond and the surrounding areas were dealing with for a few years. Now, thanks to volunteers, they have a Quick Response Unit.

“So a lot of us are EMR’s, Emergency Medical Responders, we do the very basic care so we do all the blood pressures, the pulse rate, respiration rate do all that basic care,” Jayla Smith, QRU Board President, said. “And then if they need first aid we can do all the very, very basic first aid. We can load and lift them with the ambulance that comes onto scene into the other ambulance and then we kind of just leave the scene from there.”

The unit has 10 volunteers that are stationed all across their coverage area, which is as far as 30 miles away. EMR Bethann Gale says they provide services until an ambulance arrives on scene.

In a rural area, having a service like this is vital to saving lives.

Similar to other volunteer first-response teams, QRU volunteers drop whatever they are doing when the call comes in.

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Esmond locals remember long history of city

The City of Esmond is celebrating big this week. Founded back in 1901, this year marks the city’s 120th birthday.

Most of the community was born and raised in Esmond and they said they remember back in the 1900s how booming it was. They said the city used to be the place where everyone hung out on the weekends.

“The kids would go to the shows and probably go to the café and have a little lunch afterwards,” Pat Wolfe, an Esmond native, said. “It was remarkable, you’d see everybody and anybody on the weekend it was a big night.”

They say while the population number is slowly declining, the city pride is still as strong as it was more than 100 years ago. And that pride will be on full display in the coming days during the weekend-long celebration.

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Muralist helps restore Esmond city mural

Back in 2001, the Esmond city mural was completed by the Solway family. After battling the elements of North Dakota for 20 years, muralist Tracy Taylor decided to give back to the community where her father grew up.

The original mural had seven elevators that once stood tall in Esmond and outlines of buildings from Main Street. Once she saw the walls conditions, she knew it would be a restoration project — not just a repainting of the mural.

Bonnie Johnson helped with the original mural 20 years ago and says she jumped at the chance of being able to help restore it back to its beauty.

“I think it’s amazing when people take pride in their community and help restore the feeling of community and closeness that small towns have,” Johnson said.

Along with restoring the original mural, Taylor and the volunteers like Nancy Roble Gardenhire and Joan Glennen added some new features like the state flower and bird.

“It’s the Evergreen City, we need to add an evergreen. So she added this wonderful Evergreen on the corner and I think that’s the highlight of the whole thing for me is the Evergreen,” Glennen said.

Taylor said as a muralist, keeping the history alive in a small town is so important, but also shows how the town has evolved over the years.

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Esmond park re-dedication to Randy Marthe

Originally dedicated back in 1973, the Randy Marthe Memorial Park was dedicated after Marthe lost his life in the Vietnam war.

Marthe was a well-known person in the city and when he lost his life. His classmates named the park in his honor.

“People really think this is wonderful that we named it after Randy and I think it is too because he was such a nice young man,” said Alice Wack.

The park dedication will happen Saturday afternoon once the parade ends.

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Esmond High School alumni celebrate 20 year reunion

There are so many events going on this weekend, in part thanks to the Esmond Eagles Alumni Association.

For the last 20 years, they have held school reunions. This year, it’s an all-school reunion for every graduating class from Esmond High School.

Members of the association say while many of the alum still live in Esmond, these weekends allow for those who moved away to come back and remember high school and friends.

“You can just sit down with anybody, it does not have to be your age. They can be 20 years older, younger, it just doesn’t matter. It’s so enjoyable. They knew our parents and they will tell us stories about things they did when they were in school. It’s just rewarding,” said co-presidents Diane Peyerl and Cindy Wilhelm.

Peyerl says if it wasn’t for the generous donations from the Eagles alumni, they wouldn’t be able to host reunions every year.

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KX Conversation: Esmond Alumni Committee member Cindy Rieger Wilhelm on events happening this weekend

Now if you’re wondering where Esmond is, it’s about 20 minutes from Rugby — which, as we know, is the geographical center of North Dakota.

We were joined by Cindy Rieger Wilhelm, an Alumni Committee member who has been helping get ready for the events this weekend.

We’ve been featuring the town all week ahead of our 5 and 6 p.m. shows. We talked with Rieger Wilhelm about what makes Esmond so special, how much effort and time has gone into preparing for this weekend and what events are yet to come.

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