Public Works departments have a lot of ground to cover, literally.

This week marks Public Works Week — an annual, national recognition for the many things those workers do.

That department is responsible for tasks ranging from snow clearing and street sweeping to maintaining the pipes that run below those same streets.

They’re the reason for water exchange in your home and in some places (like Minot) city-owned cemeteries.

That’s why this week is dedicated to them and their hard work.

“Public works week is to just bring awareness to some of the things that aren’t as top of mind, generally, for what are essentially first responders as well,” said Derek Hackett, the city’s public information officers.

This Wednesday, Minot Public Works is hosting an open house where families can come interact with workers, and hop in street sweepers, payloaders, or a snow blade.

Lunch will be provided, and bus tours later in the afternoon will bring people to the Broadway Pump Station, the Water Treatment Plant, and a sanitary lift station.