MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — The woman who helped plan her husband’s murder was sentenced on Wednesday. Regina Goodale will now spend 35 years in prison for the role she played in her husband, Wade Goodale’s, death.

Goodale was sentenced Wednesday to 40 years, with five years suspended, and credit for more than 500 days she’s already served.

Goodale was convicted of accomplice to the murder, alongside her boyfriend Mathew Anderson, back in June. Anderson was recently sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, for his role in Wade’s death.

The State was seeking the same sentence for Goodale, but her defense asked the judge for 20 years with all but five years suspended.

The judge told Goodale that even though she didn’t pull the trigger, he couldn’t overlook her role in Wade’s death.

“It was still a despicable thing to do to even have a person beat up. It was still a despicable thing to do to be there, and have someone you supposedly at one time loved, and then walk away from that person as they bleeding out from a gunshot wound. And those kinds of things warrant a substantially stronger sentence than 20 years,” said District Court Judge, Todd Cresep.

Goodale didn’t say anything in court on Wednesday, but three members of Wade’s family did, giving victim impact statements, including his mother, who is now caring for three of Regina and Wade’s children.

“Not only do I have to try to process my own grief as a mother, but I have to help them process theirs as well,” said Wade Goodale’s Mother, Mary Kay Miller. “Since the murder, I have been taking care of the three of the children. My grandchildren will never get to see their father again. And I can’t imagine the trauma I will have to help them work through once they are old enough to know that their mother played a role in their father’s death.”

Goodale has 30 days to appeal her sentencing.