Sanford Health has added a new doctor to its children’s campus in Bismarck, and she’s the region’s first pediatric cardiologist.

Dr. Michele Pasierb joined Sanford in Fargo two years ago. If a child in the Western part of the state needed a cardiologist, the parents must travel to Fargo. Now, they only need to go to north Bismarck.

“Now we have someone local and that means a lot, especially if you have a newborn baby not having to travel with them in the car in the middle of winter — wonderful,” said Dr. Pasierb.

Pasierb says she chose to go into pediatric cardiology because it allows her to work with a patient and parents when they’re perhaps most vulnerable.

“There is nothing more exciting than hearing your baby’s first heartbeat. Even more so when that first heartbeat but there might be something wrong, there’s something going on and so for me to be able to work with families in tough times, explain what’s going on and being a part of the fix you know being a part of that journey with the family is amazing,” said Dr. Pasierb.

Pasierb can begin working with a child’s heart when it is still in the mother’s womb and can continue on into childhood and beyond if need be.