We’re halfway through Women’s History Month and we’re continuing to spotlight remarkable women in North Dakota.

“Start-ups are my jam!” said Chelsea Gleich.

Chelsea Gleich is on a mission to make people proud of where they call home.

In 2015, she moved to Minot and hit the ground running.

She spent four-and-a-half years on the board of the YWCA spearheading projects like the ‘Over the Edge’ fundraiser.

She also helped start the Minot Street Art Movement.

“I love that we’re choosing to make Minot the best it can be. That’s really my personal philosophy, if I’m choosing to live here, I’m going to make this the best community it can be in the ways that make sense for me,” Gleich said.

Chelsea recognizes how great the community is and she says she wants other people to know, too.

So, she and her friend, Terri Philion, another remarkable woman, started The Minot Magazine.

“We would go to a lot of those trade shows together and attend different events. Everybody else had their magazine on the tables, and it wasn’t just big cities, cities like Dickinson and Williston. And I remember Chels and I saying, ‘Minot deserves to have a place at that table,'” said Philion.

“We were having coffee with my kids in my kitchen and she’s like, ‘You know, like, Minot should really have one of these!’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, it should! We can probably do that!” Gleich said.

Two years later, they’re continuing to share the stories of Minot people who do great things. They’re already working on their ninth issue.

“We were creating something that we hope will leave a lasting impression on this community. I love that that’s kind of a legacy of our friendship,” Philion said.

Another organization Gleich recently got involved with is the Minot Area Council of the Arts. She joined in 2019 and is the board’s vice president.

“I know how much effort she puts into things and I’ve seen her successes. Having that behind the Minot Area Council of the Arts is tremendous,” said Justin Anderson, executive director of the Minot Area Council of the Arts.

“I really wanted to kind of support the arts in the community. I really recognize the value of a community that embraces arts, and culture, and creativity and gives people things to do,” Gleich said.

Chelsea Gleich has many titles, one of them — a remarkable woman.

“She’s able to juggle everything from her faith, to her marriage, to her children, to her career, her volunteerism. On top of all of that, she’s still able to make her dreams come true and that is pretty remarkable,” Philion said.

Aside from her many past times, professionally, the Fargo native is the senior communications specialist at Town and Country Credit Union.