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As we continue our Remarkable Women series… Here’s one a little younger than others we’ve covered.

Alexis Thompson is only 12 years old and has been making a big impact across the state of North Dakota for her Curvy Girls Scoliosis program.

Here’s how this young gal has been helping girls with scoliosis of all ages feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Alexis said, “In March of 2018 I was at a dress fitting and the seamstress was showing my mom and I the fabric that was different that she had taken in my shoulder area. Shortly after that we had seen a free screening clinic from Shriners and we decided to see if everything was OK.”

Everything was not OK. Thompson immediately had X-rays done and found out she had three curves in her spine and and was diagnosed with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. Now, she has to wear a back brace almost all day, everyday.

That’s what made her want to make a change.

“Scoliosis usually goes undiagnosed,” said Alexis. “So in schools, I’m sure you probably remember or my parents, they had scoliosis screenings and that doesn’t happen anymore. So scoliosis is mostly underneath the radar now and is not getting checked for, so now I’m trying to bring awareness to it.”

Alexis launched the first Scoliosis campaign in North Dakota and is now the President of Curvy Girls Scoliosis. Her parents said they are proud that she turned her negative experience into a positive one.

“Life is not just about you and I think for Alexis it just comes naturally and very easily. She thrives on helping and giving back,” said Alexis’s mother, Nicole Thompson.

Her father, Art Thompson added, “It’s just never let it get her down. She chose to look at this as an opportunity to not only work on herself and getting her scoliosis corrected, but then taking those feelings and emotions she had and sharing it with others and trying to help them through it as well.”

At 12 years old she’s way beyond her years. Alexis meets with girls around the state every month through Curvy Girls and has even created an organization called EmBrace You. Her and other volunteers make drawstring bags to make scoliosis patients feel more comfortable.

“They are these fun, trendy, attractive bags that are big enough to hold the brace and are also kind of secretive. So if girls don’t want people to know about scoliosis they don’t have too.”

Alexis uses dance as a therapy tool to help her deal with her own scoliosis, and when she’s not dancing she said she will continue to help as many people as she can.

“For me…my goal was to make one girl feel better about their scoliosis and I think I have been able to achieve this with multiple people. And I have been told by moms and aunts and grandparents that I have made such a difference in their girl’s scoliosis journey and their attitude about things and that for me is the most rewarding experience,” she said.

Alexis also includes a note in each one of her EmBrace You bags, telling the people that receive them they will be OK and will get through this.

Shriners Hospital has already given out five of her bags and they are working on making gender-neutral ones so boys can also use them.

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