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Remarkable Women: Kathy Neset

Local News

When you think of the oil and gas industry, you might picture men running and operating everything. That’s not the case for Tioga resident Kathy Neset, as she’s made it clear that women can do anything a man can do.

Neset was born and raised in Washington, New Jersey, and even at a young age, she’s always been the woman among men.

“Well I didn’t know it then, but it was great training ground for work in the oil field. But it was fabulous, I am the middle child at child number five with eight brothers. So, four older and four younger,” said Owner and Geologist of NESET Consulting Neset.

Neset went on to attend Brown University and majored in geology. She says that is how she fell in love with the oil and gas industry.

“I graduated with a degree in geology with an emphasis in math, but I built great friendships and I learned and loved the experience at Brown,” Neset said.

Upon graduation, Neset moved to Michigan where she secured her first job as a seismologist. From there she jumped state to state finding herself in Texas as a mudlogger.

“I had no idea what I was getting into. I had no idea what a mudlogger was, but they wanted to hire me and use my geology degree, and from there I said hey send me north,” she said.

In the summer of 1979 Neset permanently moved to North Dakota and in 1980 she started her own business, NESET Consulting in Tioga.

For 40 years, she and her team have provided wellsite geology services for North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota and open to any other basin at request.

Neset says much of the work in the oil and gas industry is physical, but there’s more to it than that.

“I’ve tried to do some of the physical sides of it and it’s hard and I understand that and I respect that, but I also know that I can bring to the table the knowledge and the technical side of things,” she said.

She says what she might lack in physical strength, she makes up for in other areas.

“And so can other young ladies and other women. They can bring the technical side of it and there’s lots of other positions out there that are more technically based that women can do as well, if not better than most men can,” Neset said.

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