NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Right now, 35 children are missing in North Dakota.
That’s according to North Dakota Missing Persons under the Office of the Attorney General.
And today, law enforcement from both state and federal agencies are raising awareness for our missing children.

Today is the 40th Annual National Missing Children’s Day.
On May 25th, 1983, President Ronald Reagan started the tradition to honor the heroic and exemplary efforts of individuals, agencies, and organizations that protect children.
Many children runaway, but others are kidnapped and exploited.
Not only is law enforcement searching for this kids, they are actively preventing more children from falling victim to predators.

“We hold close in our hearts the families and the loved ones of the missing children,” said Michelle DeLaune, President & CEO of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, “Those who have to go to sleep every night not knowing where there child is. Today is also a day for all of us to recommit to our mission to ensure that all children have a safe childhood.

Even though Native Americans make up only 5% of North Dakota’s population, more than 1/3 of missing children in our state are Native American.
However, law enforcement says there are ways to teach your kids how to stay vigilant and safe.
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