The unofficial results of the reorganization plan for Williams County Public School District 8 and Williston Public School District 1 are now in.

District 1 voted in favor of the merger with 2,527 (86.6%) voting yes, and 391 (13.4%) voting no.

District 8 also voted in favor of the merger with 541 (59.6%) voting yes, and 367 (40.4%) voting no.

The merger plan for what will now be Williston Basin School District 7 consists of creating a new district board, new policies and a long list of other items.

“There’s quite a bit of work to get done and really we got a short amount of time because that first part of February there is really the crucial date of making sure we have some ducks in a row,” District 8 Superintendent David Goetz said.

Results are unofficial until canvassing is completed on Friday.