MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — United States Postal Service (USPS) patrons are pushing for answers to ongoing mail delivery problems.

Residents have not been shy in expressing their frustrations in not receiving mail for more than two weeks now, in some areas.

This has especially created problems for residents who rely on medications delivered by USPS, and people who are waiting on other essentials, like paychecks and bills.

KX News went to the post office in Minot to talk to residents experiencing these issues and found people waiting in line for nearly two hours to get answers.

“When I got here the line was almost out the door and I’ve been here for almost two and a half hours. I’ve been here like four times for packages, and there were people saying they haven’t gotten mail in like a month, they haven’t gotten mail in two weeks. So ya, everyone is a little on edge,” said Mercedes Mcgraw, Minot resident.

“The past week, we haven’t received any mail. We live a little out in the country. And for the past week, we haven’t seen anything. I’m waiting on actually a check right now and so that’s kind of why I’m here,” said Devin Caul, a Ward County resident.

Michelle Zuck, another Minot resident said, “I have not had mail since October 5. My son was injured at work, I’m waiting on workmen’s comp papers.”

Minot City Council member Lisa Olson asked on Monday that the Minot Postmaster attend the November 7 City Council meeting to talk about a solution.

Senator John Hoeven also addressed concerns Monday in a statement, saying his office is aware of the problems in Minot and has raised concerns to the postal service’s district office and the D.C. office.

KX News also reached out for an interview with USPS, and they responded saying management is aware of the delivery issues in Minot.

They say they are taking steps to resolve the problem, like participating in a district-wide mega Job Fair on November 4.

Here is additional information given to KX News from USPS via email:

When mail service issues occur, we take steps to quickly resolve customer concerns.  We gladly work to address any specific issue from the community when brought to our attention and we encourage customers to reach out to their local postal station. Customers can also go to our website usps.com and click on “Contact us” at the bottom of our homepage or utilize this direct web address: https://usps.force.com/emailus/s/. Every email will be carefully documented and appropriate action taken to strengthen service. In addition, the official Twitter account of the United States Postal Service, managed by the Social Media staff at USPS HQ, can provide help. For customer service, please tweet @USPSHelp. The Postal Service will diligently continue to investigate customers’ concerns and correct deficiencies to improve service to our communities.”