Bismarck, ND (KXNET) — We’re now hearing from the owner of a restaurant in Bismarck which was broken into earlier this month.

Ben Gillund owns Eat Thai Cafe along Riverwood Drive.
She says she was alerted when the restaurant’s surveillance cameras captured the two thieves who broke in the morning of December 8th.
Gillund says the thieves were inside for just a few minutes, breaking the glass on the cafe’s front door.
That night, the burglars also ripped off the nearby Chinatown Buffet.

“I think they’re pros,” Gillund said. “They wore masks. They wore gloves and even breaking the glass door. It was one hit, one kick and they just got inside of the building.”

So far, Bismarck police haven’t arrested anyone in connection with the recent break-ins.
The latest of which, happened this week at Luckys 13 Pub along Bismarck Expressway.

It’s unclear if this week’s break-in is related. Bismarck police haven’t released more information about the crimes.