MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — A new trail is finally open for the public to enjoy the great outdoors.

The Minot Park District is proud to announce the completion of phase one of the Outdoor Recreation Trail.

The trail is open to the public starting Friday.

Phase one has nearly two miles of natural trails for hiking, biking, sightseeing, and education.

So far, there are two different types of trails, a natural trail, and a concrete trail, for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy.

With phase one now complete, Minot Park District still has a lot more in store for the Minot area.

“That we’re hoping to get started on next summer with the construction, so then that will over double the size of the trail system we have now,” said Minot Parks Director, Ron Merritt.

Phase two will include more trails, where visitors will be able to walk around the entire property.