MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Right now, a former state lawmaker is trying to gather thousands of signatures in an effort to get rid of property taxes.

This week, Rick Becker and his supporters were in Minot to share their message with homeowners and more than 50 people showed up to this event with the goal to end unfair property tax.

There was a petition going around gathering signatures, and attendees at this meeting had plenty of comments and questions for Becker.

Some questions were answered, but there were some concerns left open-ended.

“I am a little bit concerned about the argument for local control. I am on the township board in my township. A lot of the questions I get on ending property tax would be worried about local control,” said Reed Kramer of Towner, North Dakota.

Property tax doesn’t affect just homeowners it affects everyone.

“Yes, I actually was asking about renters and how it is going to affect the renters too. Because collecting signatures, a lot of people don’t want to do it because it doesn’t affect me because they are renting. And so yes that’s why I asked my question about renters. And yes, renters are going to be very affected,” said Sherry.

Becker says money is not the problem here, figuring out where to spend and cut money is the issue.

Reporter Corbin Warnock got the opportunity to talk to a few people, who shared how they feel about all this.

“I feel we need to abolish these taxes. Mine have quadrupled since I bought my home in ’93. More than quadrupled. Over in the old northeast part, and that is who they want to assess next. East and downtown I think. That is what I have heard anyways. Retire without worries of losing my home. If I have health issues or anything like that, which I don’t, in case I do. My daughter and my kids maybe they want to have the property. In case they want to do something with the property without having to worry about taxes,” said Thomas Nordwall.

This measure allows the people to have some control.

Some individuals were concerned: what if something happens to them, and they are unable to work to make money to pay their property tax?

“I am sick and tired of renting my house from the government. It is important because by renting my house from the government and if I don’t pay the rent they can take my house from me. So I much rather pay different taxes than those taxes, because they got way more money in Bismarck than they need down there. We have to get out signatures and then get it on the ballot,” said Steve Moen.

Representative Jeff Hoverson was unable to make the meeting, but he stopped by afterward and is happy with the response.

“I felt wonderful because this is one of the best things the grassroots people can do. The legislators and the state are not going to do this. There is zero appetite, because they like want to hang onto that money and that control. But really there is more local control through eliminating and actually removing property from even being an option to be taxed. You have actually local control go up. The more money in people’s pockets besides it is just the right thing to do,” said Jeff Hoverson, House of Representatives District Three in Minot.

“I feel like super stoked about this and can’t wait to get more signatures,” said Sherry.

You can read the ballot petition on the North Dakota Secretary of State’s website.