As avian flu cases continue to spread throughout the state, the Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot is taking extra steps to make sure its birds stay safe.

RPZ is home to various different birds.

While most of the birds are inside the aviary, some are outside and have a risk of coming into contact with wild birds.

The zoo director says the chickens will be moved inside and the eagles, owls and other wild birds will have a tarp put over their enclosures.

“The zoo’s doing everything it can to make sure it’s safe,” said Jeff Bullock. “There have been cases we know of in eastern North Dakota so we keep up with whenever cases pop up around and just kind of monitoring our area to see when it gets closer. “

To stop the spread of the disease in some flocks, nearly 23 million birds in the country have already been killed, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.