According to the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration, bulky coats for kids and their car seats are not a good mix.

The organization says winter gear can actually cause a loose fit for straps on the seat.. putting a child more at risk for injury if a crash occurs.

Test how the straps fit with and without a coat to see just how much of a difference there is.

KX News spoke with a registered nurse and child safety expert about what parents can do to make sure their kids stay warm and safe on the road.

“Just making sure that they’re layering — a light fleece a zip-up hoodie does a really good job bundling them in blankets and then putting them in the car seat does a good job — sometimes those coats are just too puffy,” Safe Kids Minot Coordinator Amber Emerson said.

She also recommends making sure to have extra coats and layers available, in case of car issues once you are out on the road.