The Salvation Army is a name that many are familiar with, but not everyone knows how much this group works with the community.

The Salvation Army is a nonprofit that helps those in need all around the country, including in North Dakota.

“The purpose of the Salvation Army is to meet human need without discrimination,” said Capt. John Woodard with Minot Salvation Army. “That’s in our mission statement and that’s what we like to portray to people. That’s what we like to promote to people.”

The Salvation Army provides various community services including a winter children’s coat drive and an emergency food pantry.

“People can come in with needs, emergency needs,” said Woodard. “If they need supplemental food, we will help them as well, but it’s on a 90-day process. But if the situation is an emergency, it’s a dire emergency, those people can be helped within that 90-day period as well.”

In order to do these programs, the Salvation Army relies on donations, and most of those donations are received between November and March.

The Red Kettle Campaign in the winter raises the most money for the organization, but what about the summer months?

Woodard says the Salvation Army encourages people to donate year-round.

“We have a mail appeal that goes out to people,” said Woodard. “We also tend to put things on our Facebook and things like that to make sure that people understand that we do need more donations, monetary donations, food donations, those types of things. That’s what we try to get the most of and try to make sure that people understand that it is a yearly thing.”

Preparation for the campaign starts around the fall.

In addition to a donation site, the Salvation Army is also an Evangelical church, and people can attend the service at 11 a.m. every Sunday.

“First and foremost, we wanna make sure that people know the love of God,” said Woodard. “And that they understand that and they can transform their lives into being people and being better members of society.”

In Minot, Woodard says the church has grown from around four members to nearly 40 in the two and a half years.

And it keeps on growing, both in congression and donations for the community.

Woodard says the Salvation Army really needs volunteers for its programs in our area.

If people are interested in volunteering, they can sign up on the Salvation Army’s website or call their local Salvation Army center.