BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Sanford Health and Safe Kids Bismarck-Mandan teamed up to host a safety day.

Families were invited to come to the event to show their children basic safety practices.

Agencies from across the city all gathered outside the Capitol building to teach children safety practices involving fire, water, and even animal safety.

“Getting the word out and using education as a tool to prevent injuries is kind of our biggest goal. If we can keep them out of the hospital then you know that’s always a good thing,” said Alyssa Preszler, Safe Kids coordinator.

Sanford Sports Med set up an obstacle course for the kids. Sanford taught kids the importance of staying hydrated while outside and the importance of stretching before playing a sport.

There was even an ATV simulator.

“We do have this simulator to help kids understand part of safe riding as you are going along slopes and hills is that weight distribution to keep your ATV wheels on the ground and to keep you from rolling,” said AJ Torgerson with the North Dakota Parks and Rec.

Torgerson says Sanford Air Med asked the North Dakota Parks and Rec to come out to the event to teach children the do’s and don’ts when riding an ATV.

“We brought at a few of our ATVs and we are talking about safe riding,” said Torgerson. “We have a simulator on how to shift your weight when you go up and down hills and we are also talking about the correct size of an ATV. “

Torgerson says one of the biggest things for parents to do is to make sure they buy the correct ATV for their child.

“I know that little 50 or 90 CC ATV doesn’t look like a lot of fun but it has more than enough power for your kids to drive on,” said Torgerson. “Bigger isn’t always better. “

Preszler says it’s good to finally be able to go to an event like this.

“As a mom, it’s really great. We have a lot of different booths about different topics,” said Preszler. “So, hopefully, people come out and learn something that they didn’t know before. “

This is the first year the event has been held since the COVID-19 pandemic began.