Sawyer staple, Pie -N- Cone, to close its doors

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Years ago, an old post-office building transformed into a grocery store, and most recently a convenience store built with love, making Pie N Cone a staple in the small town of Sawyer.

But in a town of about 300 people, business can be slow.

When current owner Susan Schmidt purchased the building where Pie -N- Cone now stands, the idea was to fill a void in the community, and it still does that.

But with a heavy heart, Schmidt recently put the building on the market and is hoping that someone can fulfill their dream the same way she did in the old brick building.

“Pie -N- Cone is what we call a mini convenience store.”

It’s the only place for Sawyer residents to find a gas pump, grocery store, bakery, lunch spot, and coffee stop.
.. and did I say bakery?

“Our baked goods are our draw,” said Schmidt. “People come, they want to come and have coffee they want to come sit down, see their friends, visit.”

She does more than own the store. She does just about all the baking and cooking herself.

It’s been a lot of work since she bought the place in 2016. She and her husband spent 18 months renovating the old grocery store before it even became the Pie -N- Cone.

But it was worth it …”One of the nicest things for me [Schmidt] is when we have people here visiting and little kids will come in and you’ll hear the older people say ‘now who does that one belong to?’ and getting to know the community again and seeing friends you haven’t seen for a while.”

Sharon Melland has worked in the building for more than three decades. She said stays for the same reason Schmidt came to love it.

“Many many kids in this town I’ve watched grow up.”

But after almost two years in operation, Pie n Cone is up for sale.

“It has been a difficult decision,” Schmidt said, “but a necessary one.”

Schmidt is too attached to sell the exact Pie -N- Cone operation, but she said she hopes to see a similar one that can serve as the gathering place that Sawyer needs.

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