Representatives from the Peace Garden State and the upper midwest region met in the Capital City to brainstorm ideas about protecting our environment when extracting resources.

“Over the last ten years as well as proposed rulemaking that’s currently in flux so our speakers were able to give an example of how this rule will apply as well as that rule,” ND Environmental Conference Chair Adam Driscoll said.

The next time you breathe in the fresh air, have a glass of water or even take out the trash, there are federal and state regulations set in place to help protect our environment. The North Dakota Environmental Conference helps make this easier by meeting all in one place and discussing best practices.

“People who understand how to deal with new rules, what they apply to, and how to understand how to comply with those regulations,” Driscoll said.

Director of North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality Karl Rockeman shares why such regulations are important to have.

“Emerging contaminants that affect all these different mediums such as PFAS or other chemicals we’re hearing about. As well as air emissions and one regulation could affect other mediums,” Rockeman said.

This conference also provided professionals in the environmental industries with networking opportunities.