MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Police are warning people to watch out for neighborhood crime during the holidays, but many people are also getting more interested in protecting themselves.

According to reports from the National Crime Victimization Survey, robbery and larceny increases by about 20% during December.

Shoppers generally tend to carry more money on them during the holidays, making them prime targets for thieves.

But, one ATA Martial Arts instructor we spoke with says people can’t just stay inside and keep their doors locked.

“I think we’re past the phase of, well I just don’t go out after dark. I think we’re past that phase now and people are like, alright listen, I actually need to learn something just in case something does happen,” said ATA Head Instructor, Jesse Ward.

He says people are signing up to learn how to defend themselves from attacks, which also gives them confidence.

Although these skills may never be used, instructors say it would be better to know how and have the skills and then never need to use them in the future.

“So it’s just a new sense of confidence you can have with knowing that, hey, I have these skills to defend myself have tested this and I can feel confident in my abilities,” added Ward.

Keeping yourself safe isn’t the only benefit of self-defense lessons.

Martial Arts can also boost your mood.

“You get the endorphins from working out, so you just feel good because you’re working out, you get like the dopamine just because you’re like, oh man somebody said I did good, or I accomplished a move. You get different chemicals like serotonin, all the different types of stuff so you’re actually feeling good while you’re doing it,” said Ward.

Ward says you do not have to have a martial arts background in order to join the classes.

You can find them on 20th Ave SE in Minot.