BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — While the summer days are slowly getting shorter, the fall fun is beginning, and many are excited about the new change.

KX News went to the Burleigh County Senior Center to see and hear how they’re celebrating the changing seasons.

“We have to change the name from ‘senior’ because when you think ‘senior,’ you think ‘old,'” said Mary Bartsch, a Fall Jamboree attendee.

The young at heart spent the afternoon celebrating the end of summer at the Burleigh County Senior Adult Program’s first-ever Fall Jamboree.

They spent the time dancing and singing along to three different local bands, at a pace that even the young folks would have trouble keeping up with, with plenty of waltzes and polkas to go around.

“I prefer the two-step actually, and with my total knee replacement, the doctor has said no more polkas. I love to polka, but no more polkas,” said Bartsch.

But even if their dancing shoes are retired, attendees still got the chance to enjoy themselves.

“… it’s a must. Plus, the food is always dynamite,” shared attendee Nance Skared.

“The staff here is wonderful. Wonderful,” added Bartsch.

The jamboree allows for dancing and fun, but organizers say it serves a more important purpose too.

“In the wintertime, a lot of people are isolated. So I thought I might as well make it one big hurrah before fall sets in really, and winter, and it just all worked out,” explained Lori Koth, the program services coordinator for the Burleigh County Senior Adult Program.

To help prevent isolation, the senior center has many programs promoting both socialization and education.

And the Fall Jamboree is just one example of the good times that happen in the golden years of life.

“You want to have a good time, come explore our senior center here in Bismarck,” added Skared.

Although you’ll have to wait until next fall to experience the jamboree for yourself, you can always stop by the senior center for food and activities.

And if you can no longer drive to the senior center, they offer a shuttle that can pick you up.