MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — You have a smartphone, but you may not know how to use all of the features.

Well, Tech Ed in Minot is one place where seniors can go for help.

Valerie Huseth, the instruction and outreach associate for the Minot library, says the classes are a hit because they say plenty of people need help.

She says because technology is always advancing and not everyone has someone they can sit down with to help; they’re there to answer any questions seniors may have.

She says they can help seniors with handheld tech, Fitbit bands, cell phones, and laptops.

“I like going out into the community and meeting new people. Being able to help them. And walk them through. We both get the satisfaction of helping somebody moving on from where we were and just getting better at things,” Huseth said.

Huseth says they have lots of people take the classes even for the simplest things like searching the internet.