Chelsey Smith, owner of Chelsey Smith’s Cosmetics, has always had a passion for being fabulous and now she’s helping others feel fabulous too.

“One of my biggest things about myself is I always want people to feel better after being around me and I feel like this is my way to make people feel very confident putting on these hair crowns and just feeling really beautiful,” says Smith.

Chelsey found her love for hair on regular trips to the salon with her mother.

“Something that I always loved doing growing up is my mom would book updo appointments but I loved being in the salon and feeling really good,” says Smith.

Chelsey officially began her journey into cosmetology at the Hair Academy in Bismarck. After judging the Miss North Dakota International Pageant in 2020, Chelsey realized how important hair is.

“We had an interview portion and I was just so inspired by these women and I wanted to give back. Once I got into wigs I realized there was this huge need for wigs and so many different facets,” says Smith.

Whether it’s short, long, brown, blonde, most people want nice hair. Wigs are not only just a fun option, they’re a necessity for some.

“On this journey, I’ve found out wigs can be made for so many different people, there are medical issues, weight loss surgery, obviously cancer, alopecia,” explains Smith.

After the pageant, Chelsey decided to start “I’m Hair for You”. For every 20 wigs sold, a wig was donated to an organization such as the Bismarck Cancer Society. Over 100 wigs have been donated so far.

“It’s something that I’ve always been interested in and it gave me a really good base to start my career and I never thought I’d be doing wigs,” says Smith.

With over 300 styles to choose from, this year alone she had sold around 20,000 wigs. Not just in the Peace Garden State, but worldwide.

“We ship worldwide, 30 different countries. But I ship to Bismarck and Mandan all the time, I have a ton of people that support me here,” says Smith.

Proving to herself and those around her that even during a pandemic, she still has what it takes to take her business to even greater levels

To learn more about Chelsey Smith’s Cosmetics and “I’m Hair With You” you can go here.