BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — On Christmas morning, many of us wake up in our own beds and walk over to the Christmas tree with our families.

That is not the case for thousands of children, who spend the holidays in the hospital fighting for their lives.

To make their seasons bright, Sanford and local families found a way to bring some holiday cheer to these young kids.

Reporter Adrienne Oglesby had the pleasure of grabbing a cart and following a family on a shopping spree, but they weren’t shopping for themselves.

This is the Moldenhauer family, who came together as a family to shop for children in the hospital this holiday season.

The entire family down to the youngest Alexis, who had the best time grabbing toys for another little girl, who may not get the chance to go to the store herself this year.

Father, Chad Moldenhauer, says their family has been giving back to Sanford’s Children’s Hospital for the past three years, but this year, they wanted to do it on a bigger scale.

“We actually last year we delivered them to the hospital this year there is substantially more so we’re going to need a little bigger vehicle to transport them but I believe what they’ll do is they’ll offer them to each one of the children in the hospital and kind of give them their option of what video game or what Lego or what stuffed animal might fit them best we’ve got some baseball some soccer balls my son thought it was important to get a few video games too, so whatever brighten their day we hope that they find and so we’re excited to be able to pass that on,” said Chad.

Not only was the family able to load up a number of carts at Target, but they had some assistance picking out just the right things.

Three Sanford’s Child life specialists joined in on the fun as well.

“We do a lot of education prior to procedures in the hospital. We do a lot of distractions during procedures and help with a lot of coping things and so utilizing gifts utilizing toys and stuff like that also normalizes the hospital. Stay like coloring and stuff like that to help kids just be kids when they’re in the hospital even though they have something medical going on,” said Sanford Child Life Specialist, Melissa Schmautz.

She tells KX the shopping partnership between herself and with the family is a great collaboration, simply because kids know what kids like.

“The young girl here, having the boy here, they know what they like to play with best, they know what they are friends like to play with and stuff too so those are the things that we know other kids are going to play with and like to use and I just think it’s such a cool thing that they’re able to help out to choose these things and we’re able to give them to other kids that are not feeling well or spending time in the hospital,” said Melissa.

Chad says it’s not even just about the toys for some of the kids.

“One of the stories that I heard today that really touched my heart was that when there are kids who are unexpectedly in the hospital during the Christmas time they want to be able to set trees up in their rooms and make sure that they get a little bit of that Christmas Holiday back and so we purchased some trees that they can set up and that really touched my heart, because around the holidays we take a lot of things for granted,” said Chad.

Mason says it is a great family and learning experience overall.

“Knowing that I can make someone’s day more happy,” said son, Mason Moldenhauer.

Chad tells KX that he couldn’t imagine having a child in the hospital during the holidays, so if he and his family can brighten the day of those who are in the hospital, then that’s what the holidays are truly all about.

Every holiday season, Sanford Health Foundation gathers gifts from the community to give to children in the hospital and their families.

If you and your family would like to give back this season in any way, visit Sanford’s website.