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Should face masks be a requirement? If so, where?

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There’s been a decent amount of controversy over wearing face-masks, whether it be on social media, or in-person customers refusing to wear one at stores with a policy across the country.

Today, we discuss when it’s most useful to wear one, and if it should be required, with Department of Health Advisor and UND Dean of Medicine Dr. Joshua Wynne.

As a scientist, he says the data on masks is not definitive, and it’s unlikely you’re protecting yourself by wearing one. But, you would be protecting those around you, particularly if you’re young and potentially an asymptomatic carrier of the coronavirus.

Dr. Wynne says it’s a sign of respect to wear one when you’re out in public. He says just think of your grandma.

“It’s a risk-benefit ratio. When I go out in public and am even close to other people, close meaning 6 or more feet away, I wear a mask. And it’s out of respect and consideration of people I may be around, rather than necessarily to protect me,” he added.

Dr. Wynne says in high-risk places, like healthcare facilities and nursing homes, masks should be mandatory.

Anywhere else, he says it’s a tough call to make masks a requirement, but he appreciates when businesses do.

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