MEDORA, N.D. (KXNET) — It’s never too early to start planning ahead, especially when it comes to summer adventures and fun in our state.

So what’s there to do?  

Right now, it’s a nice time to start making plans to make the most out of the warmth to come in 2023.

Up in Medora, the city is planning more of your summer favorites and they’re also mixing things up this year.

“Some of the new things that you can look forward to in Medora really include, Point to Point Park is fully open and a lot of families got to enjoy that last summer and it just keeps getting better and better. Expanded trail systems this year on Point to Point trails, guided hikes every morning on Joe Wiegand, the lazy river, and zero entry pool have been so enjoyed and the jump hill and splash pads are a lot of fun and then beyond that kind of new addition to town. We will have all new variety acts in the Medora musical,” said Marketing Manager, Kaylee Wallace.

Wallace says the preparation for the entire summer begins the summer before.

“They have a really great recipe of things that people love every single year, and then add in those new things starting from the time that the Medora musical ends,” said Wallace. 

With so much happening it’s easy to be mesmerized by the excitement and beauty, but what goes into these magical events?

“We really start to piece together what that puzzle of a Medora summer is going to look like and not just from the entertainment standpoint, but from a hiring standpoint. You know it takes a lot of people to put on everything that we do every summer long,” Wallace explained. 

She says the experience is not just something you want to catch on a friend’s Snapchat, a google search, or by word of mouth. You need to come in person.

“Folks should come out and enjoy everything that we have to offer in Medora because it’s such a wonderful way for families to make memories. So, whether it’s been a family tradition that your grandparents brought your parents and they’ll bring you, or it’s your first time and you’re new t North Dakota, we encourage you to come out and experience a different part of what North Dakota has to offer. The North Dakota Badlands are so vastly different from the rest of the landscape that you see throughout the state,” Wallace added.

Medora is cherishing the past and relishing the new.

To stay updated on the announcements that are going to roll out in the next few months, visit Medora’s website.